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What Is the WrapAround Beeswax Food Roll?

This is a unique ecological alternative of the cling film and the aluminum foil. Wax has been the perfect honey storage due to its anti-bacterial and water-repellent properties which bees have been using for thousands of years. The WrapAround Beeswax Food Roll protects food from drying or excess moisture. The roll is reusable, in other words, it is money-saving, good for human health and eco-friendly for the Planet Earth as it is a zero-waste product.

Say good bye to the cling film and aluminum foil…

How To Use The WrapAround Beeswax Food Roll?

Use as a food packaging material, dish cover or even as a bag to store loose products. To begin with, cut a sheet with the required wrap size. Activate the newly cut wrap by crumpling it into a ball and holding it for approximately 10 seconds making it pliable with the warmth of your hands. This will allow you to mould the new WrapAround Beeswax Wrap around food and over the top of your salad bowls, plates, fruits and vegetables. Cover your meal, fruits or vegetables with the newly designed WrapAround Beeswax Wrap and shape the edges with your hands making sure that the wrap seals tightly around them.


Avoid direct contact with raw milk cheese (Roquefort, got’s milk cheese, etc.), raw meat or fish. Avoid contact with hot surfaces! Allow your meal to cool down before covering it with your WrapAround Beeswax Wrap.

How To Clean and Wash?

You can wash the wraps designed from the WrapAround Beeswax Food Roll in cold water using a bio detergent or bio soap.
Rinse the wrap and let it dry without squeezing it until next use!

Important! Do not put your WrapAround Beeswax Wraps in a dish-washer, washing machine, oven or microwave…


From 6 months to 1 year! Possibility for restoring the properties of your WrapAround Beeswax Wraps with the WrapAround Beeswax Bar. The
WrapAround Beeswax Food Roll is fully compostable! Crafted by hand in our workshop using cotton fabric, bee wax from our bio bee farms, dammar gum and jojoba oil.