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Bee Marmot Ltd. was founded in 2018 by Nastya Filipova, the daughter of a passionate and experienced beekeeper. The company focus is the careful selection, bulk purchase and subsequent packaging and re-sale of honey, bee by-products, and beekeeping equipment. We have established a wide network of beekeepers and advisers who work in full compliance with the European legislative provisions. Our everyday mission, on one hand, is to save the bees from extinction as our world without bees will struggle to survive, and on the other hand, to supply our customers with natural, pesticide- and pollutant-free products. In order to ensure consistency in the delivery of our high-quality products and to prevent deterioration of the honey caused by heating or mixing it with various other less expensive sugars and syrups, we have introduced a strict control over our supply chain. We have committed ourselves to guaranteeing the traceability and origin of our bee honey, bee wax, bee pollen, bee propolis and bee royal jelly. Apart from visiting our suppliers on a regular basis, we analyze the laboratory test results of each batch selected prior to its packaging and release to the market. That is why the Bee Marmot Ltd. products are of the highest quality and extracted by beekeepers for whom the health and welfare of honey bees is the number one priority.


Encounters are an important part of the business and we make no exception. In July, 2022 we took over the baton of WrapAround, a brand specialized in the manufacture of environmentally friendly and food-safe beeswax wraps designed to keep your food fresh for longer. It is our great honour and privilege to continue this cause which incorporates successfully nature and its long-term protection with bee wax being one of the bee by-products. With WrapAround we have committed ourselves to promoting alternative thinking strategies and finding innovative solutions in favour of the sustainable development of the Planet Earth.