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Privacy Policy

This website, i.e. www.wrap-around.eu (called hereinafter “the Website”), is owned and managed by Bee Marmot Ltd. We understand that as a visitor to our Website, you could have questions in connection with the personal data which you provide to us, as well as in connection with the way we process this information. Since we respect your right to protection of your personal data, with the present Privacy Policy, we would like to cast more light on what personal data we collect on our Website and how we use these data. This Privacy Policy refers only to the personal data collected through this Website.


Personal Data Which We Collect:

If you have decided to register on our Website and use the online services provided through it, you are required to provide your personal data. These are:

Name/s: to verify your identity and deliver the service you have requested particularly to you;

Telephone number: to contact you when this is needed in order to deliver the service which you have requested; 

E-mail: to contact you when this is needed in order to deliver the service which you have requested, and when the service suggests notifying you by e-mail, or to provide information society services when your e-mail is used as means of communication.


The personal data which we have collected, is processed by Bee Marmot Ltd. only with the purpose of delivering the services you have requested, processing of your orders and contacting you as our clients. You do not have to and we do not require you to register or provide personally identifiable information (personal data) in order to be able to browse our website or to access the major part of its content.

What Are You Entitled to?  

You are entitled to:

- Information about and access to your personal data processed by Bee Marmot Ltd.;

- Requesting rectification  or completion of  your personal data when these are incorrect or incomplete;

- Requesting your personal data to be deleted if there are certain grounds for this;

- Requesting restricting of your personal data; at any time, you are also entitled to objecting to processing of your personal data and the automated decision-making for you, including profiling;

- Being notified prior to your personal data are disclosed to third parties for the first time;

- Refusing your data to be used for the purposes of direct marketing;

- The right of data portability;

- The right to file a written Complaint with the Commission for Personal Data Protection at the following address: Sofia, 1592, 2, Tsvetan Lazarov str;


How We Collect and Exchange Personal Data? 

  1. Registration Form when you are a registered user of our website;
  1. Contact Form used to process orders placed by our clients and/or the registered users of our website;
  2. E-mail. The e-mail which you have provided to us will be used for the following purposes:

a) identification of your orders submitted by using the Contact Formor another customer service channel;

b) subscription and identification when  games and online campaigns are organized;

c) sending you information about our company products and services, if you have subscribed for an e-newsletter from wrap-around.eu;

d) campaigns, games and special offers on our Website where we could publish announcements for competitions, games and/or special offers in which you can take part, as well as links to similar events (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, etc.). We use the information provided by you to contact you only if you have consented to taking part in such events.


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