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WrapAround Beeswax Wrap Size S

S = 20 cm x 20 cm: your perfect choice when it comes to wrapping sliced fruit, veggies, nuts or cookies, etc.

 What Are the WrapAround Beeswax Wraps?

- exceptional environmentally-friendly alternative of the plastic film and alluminium foil;
- antibacterial and water-repellent: they keep food fresh for longer;
- designed for multiple use;
- crafted by hand in our workshop using cotton fabric, bee wax from our bio bee farms, dammar gum and jojoba oil;
- used as a packaging, cover or bag to store bulk products;
- avoid direct contact with raw cheese, raw meat or raw fish;
- washable with cold water, durability: 6 months to 1 year;
- recover their properties with the use of the WrapAround beeswax bar;
- do not use in dishwasher, washing machine, oven or microwave;
- compostable.

How to Activate Your WrapAround Beeswax Wrap:

Before using it, firstly you need to activate your WrapAround Beeswax Wrap by crumpling it into a ball and holding it for approximately 10 seconds making it pliable with the warmth of your hands. This will allow you to mould the WrapAround Beeswax Wrap around food and over the top of your salad bowls, plates, fruits and vegetables.
Cover your meal, fruits or vegetables with the WrapAround Beeswax Wrap and shape the edges with your hands making sure that the wrap seals tightly around them.