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Beeswax Food Roll

90 cm x 30 cm: Cut a towel the size you need.

What Is the WrapAround Beeswax Food Roll?

This is a unique ecological alternative of the cling film and the aluminum foil. Wax has been the perfect honey storage due to its anti-bacterial and water-repellent properties which bees have been using for thousands of years. 

The WrapAround Beeswax Food Roll protects food from drying or excess moisture. The roll is reusable, in other words, it is money-saving, good for human health and eco-friendly for the Planet Earth as it is a zero-waste product.

How To Use the WrapAround Beeswax Food Roll?

Use as a food packaging material, dish cover or even as a bag to store loose products. To begin with, cut a sheet with the required wrap size.
Activate the newly cut wrap by crumpling it into a ball and holding it for approximately 10 seconds making it pliable with the warmth of your hands. This will allow you to mould the new WrapAround Beeswax Wrap around food and over the top of your salad bowls, plates, fruits and vegetables.
Cover your meal, fruits or vegetables with the newly designed WrapAround Beeswax Wrap and shape the edges with your hands making sure that the wrap seals tightly around them..